Why give away 5 years of hard work?

August 31 2019 we completed our story about a virus attacking inhabitants of planet Authair. By early December it had been submitted to seven publishers. Two rejections arrived before mid December then silence. January 2020 and a real viral pandemic was upon earth. Duayne and I, under stern orders from our kids, bought out Publix, sequestered in our home with our phones as life links to the outside world. It wasn’t long before a friend of ours said, “Well, I guess I’ll just go back to my bookshelf and start rereading.” That convinced us there was one thing we could do to help out in this pandemic. Give our timely adventure story free to anyone who can download a PDF. If nothing else, it would be an excuse to put one’s feet up and get lost in someone else’s world of intrigue and humor. It certainly wasn’t doing us any good languishing amidst thousands of files on publishers’ computers.

Download it at IZ THE SAGA: CREATION. We hope the story finds a comfortable niche in your mind as Izzy and friends leave a warm place in your heart.

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