Wow, Adah nailed Ursula’s soul

“Read, read, read, especially your most admired authors.” That’s the advice I took after completing a writing course from The Open University in 2016. And now, just yesterday, there on page 530 of Kingsolver’s The Poisonwood BibleUrsula & Adah Price0420171953_Burst01, I find the the soul of Ursula, our virologist villain, beautifully expressed through the words of Kingsolver’s character, Adah. Like Adah, Ursula‚Äôs work is to discover life histories of viruses, and like Adah, Ursula has no children, only her viruses. Unlike Adah, Ursula is a mad exterminator bent on using devil microbes to annihilate her enemy. Barbara Kingsolver is my newest, must-read author.