Fictional Hero – So What

Strange how an image on a jet’s tail fin got us to question our ‘fictional’ hero. We’d had a week-end break in Skagen, Denmark after completing the first draft of CREATION, whew, and were entering the plane from the tarmac. While schlepping carry-ons up the stairway, a massive portrait of Jens Glad Balchen greeted us.

Okay, so who is he; a CEO of Norwegian Air, its benefactor; maybe Norway’s king in plain clothes? Obviously we had a lot to learn about Mr. Balchen, this airline and the culture from which it hails, not to mention Norwegian royalty.

Soon we settled. Our friend Jesper handed us Norwegian, the magazine, opened to page 128. The title said it all; Tail fin heroes; Scandinavian pioneers who have “Pushed the boundaries, challenged the established, and inspired others.” There were 82 heroes on those two pages.

No way, it’s 2016, Norwegian Air Shuttle. You’re a business, supposed to be plastering your name or logo on the tail fin. What? You’re celebrating heroes? Real life ones like Victor Borge, Sonja Henie and Karen Blixin?

That is so awesome. What a way to begin a conversation, or start a Google search once belted in. Can’t imagine any kid who wouldn’t want to become a tail fin hero.

So why bother writing IZ~ when there are so many real life heroes to read about? Maybe, just maybe, Izzy will be an inspiration for a future tail fin hero.