A big part of writing IZ~is finding readers who let us know what they like or don’t, about our story. So we scan every suggestion that pops up in our email. We’re finding enough daily advice to keep Sandy guzzling three cups of coffee. We think we hit the jackpot with a tip from Smith Publicity. Here’s the link  . Click it if you think book clubs can be powerful spokespersons for you.We did and started writing questions about our own book. Go for it and send them to Let’s share.

“Get Your Book Noticed By Book Clubs.” Okay, Smith, we did it. Wrote a list of questions that will invigorate discussion. We love book clubs and know what an asset a genuine list of questions from the author can be. Here’s our list after forty-five minutes of pondering, laughing and editing.


  1. If you could pick a character to meet over a cup of coffee, which one would it be?
  2. Which character would you want as your President?
  3. If you were Professor Devans would you have felt obligated to disclose everything you learned about the artifact?
  4. How do you think Izzy’s appearance changed as he aged?
  5. What part of Greek culture did Thorf Serendopolis not experience?
  6. Was Thorf truly in danger while in Santorini, or was it paranoia about his blood type that caused his anxiety.
  7. Were there any philosophical comments that evoked your emotions?
  8. Is there a specific narrative passage that left an impressive visual image?
  9. Do you see parallel characteristics in any two characters?
  10. Which character do you relate to the most?
  11. How do you think the collared urn and its contents end up at Stonehenge?
  12. Was it appropriate for Carys to have been given the responsibility of carrying on Honorable Grandfather’s storytalk?
  13. If you were to hold a social gathering, which three characters would you invite?
  14. If this story was in the form of a play, and you were an actor, which character would you audition for?
  15. Do you see any resemblance between the characters in the story and historical or mythological figures?
  16. The Island of Caves as mentioned in Chapters 2 and 5 exists today on Earth. Where do you think it is located?
  17. When Tasy found the artifact, do you think someone was digging it up or burying it?
  18. What part of Thorf’s experience in Santorini might entice you to visit that island?
  19. Of the ten house rules listed, which is your favorite?
  20. Which character would most likely agree with the quote, “An unexamined life is not worth living”? (From Plato’s Apology which is a recollection of the speech Socrates gave at his trial.)

If you managed to read to the bottom of this list. YEAH! We’d love your answers. Rather than guess at the answers you can check out IZ~ on Amazon .



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