Have you ever used the word swiggle?

Have you ever made up a word because it works better than any other? We have. It’s fun. Of course when you’re writing a fictional story about aliens and Earthlings it’s easy to get away with dyzzleberry communicator, gnarlythorn and ralkids so what’s so special about swiggle, the word we added to our Dyzzleberry Dictionary today?

That word didn’t come from our imagination. You may already know the Urban Dictionary recognizes it as a word. To them it’s considered ‘A step up from swag.’ and their example, ‘Chris has got swiggle.’

Well, I met a young man who didn’t have enough swiggle, but not the step-up kind.

Couple weeks ago, when iced coffee was a relief from the heat, I was the next customer to be helped at a coffee shop counter when a hefty young man, towering over me, reached his arm out and thrust a cup at the unsuspecting clerk. He complained, “You gave me two swiggles, just two swiggles,” then shook the cup to emphasize there was nothing in it but ice cubes. Never having heard the word swiggles before, I was amused at its use so much so I ignored the rude behavior and couldn’t wait to look up swiggle when I’d had my turn ordering. Oh, and by the way the clerk wasted no time filling up the young man’s cup.

Duayne and I enjoy telling the Swiggle story. Of course it’s now an Authairian term with specific weight in cubic centimeters and one of Mumba’s favorite expressions. It’s made it into our family’s lexicon and if it’s just a swiggle you want, that’s what you’ll get.

What’s your word story? Come on now, I know you’ve got one even better than swiggle. We’d love to read it.

Sandy (The lem of Ddwlem)