Chatter Brings Forth Vizzigram

Chatter, today meaning talk over coffee and sticky-buns, well hubby and I did have one egg, V8, and vitamins – don’t ask about our vitamins – before we got rained off the porch. We didn’t sit down to breakfast planning to create Vizzigram. It happened through all the munchingly energized chatter. The germ of the idea came from, you guessed it, Adult Coloring Books. If you’re curious about Vizzigram, thanks to Lamar Brantley – our web tech fixed a glitch so it would post – check the definition in our Dyzzleberry Dictionary. We don’t have a visual of it for you to see. It will happen. Stay tuned.

Now what chatter has inspired your writing?

Sandy and Duayne

Why Adult Coloring Books Are All The Rage

I’m not kidding and I’m not posting this because someone gave me a free copy. It was one of those, waiting room moments when I was browsing The Really Busy Woman’s Guide to Relaxing in the July 2015 edition of O The Oprah Magazine. I said, “What? Why?” when I read, on page 99 that adult coloring books have skyrocketed to the top of Amazon’s Best Seller List. Well, I found out that day, not only do the over 50s sit around and color, but so do the ‘up and coming in the fast lane’ over 30’s grab those coloring books and squeeze them into moments of wait. Yowee. Where have I been? Hubby and I headed over to our nearest book store, and the manager told us he sells at least 5 a day. Hubby couldn’t believe it either. Here we are having written the most wonderful sci-fi adventure story in the world (well Book 1 is out) and adult coloring books are outselling IZ~ by well, millions, billions? There were over 100 choices at his store of adult coloring books. We bought Secret Paris Color Your Way to Calm. Duayne shakes his head and I color. It’s replaced my GREAT AMERICAN BATHROOM BOOK II. Go figure, I mean go color.


As S. Voss says on Dab Of Darkness, Don’t be bashful. Let us know what you are thinking about, it could be your writing, our writing, or another author’s writing or maybe even what you’re thinking about writing.

After all, we all have a story to tell. Just like Illiachus in Chapter 5 of ENCOUNTERS, Book 1 of IZ~. Maybe yours may seem not so profound to you, but give it a try. You won’t know unless you share.

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